Can the blinking metronome indicator on Digitakt be turned off?

Is there anyway to stop the red metronome light from blinking in my face constantly even though the sequencer is not running?

Nope, but you can dim the lights if that helps

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Yea but that dims all of em. Thanks though.

A piece of tape or sticker is your best bet

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Haha. I might actually do that b/c I have it on my main desk right next to me and my OCD won’t have it lol! I will send a request in to Elektron to add to the firmware wish list. This could be done in software for sure.

Open it up and use a hammer .
Might impact resale value.

Funny. But hey wait a minute. Taking it apart and covering the button from the backside with some black electrical tape would do the trick! I mean I can live without the BPM pulse indication as a trade off too pulsing all day and driving you mad while you program it. It’d be pretty cool if all lights went dim when the screen saver engaged at 5 minutes. Does it? And anyone pulled off the front cover yet? Doesn’t seem too involved unless all the clicky buttons go flying everywhere. I think Elektron’s thinking was you could use the pulse while mixing with some incoming external non-sync’d sources but to me it should only pulse when the sequencer is on play.