Can you live play a modular with the OT's trigs?

Still wondering, can you live play a modular by pressing the keyboard on the OT - like you can do with samples?
In other words, when you momentarily press a trig is there a note on the modular?
(like so: OT > MIDI eurorack to CV > note + gate output > VCO)

And, sidequestion, can you record live presses of MIDI trigs, hear them, and have them play back?
Because all I see is this method: press a trig and turn an encoder to get the right note.


If you have a midi to CV convertor than it should work if you are on a midi track and hold func and use up or down arrows till you are in chromatic. And I believe you can hold rec and hit play to be able to enter live record mode


Can anyone confirm this? Thanks :smiley:

Do you have a midi to cv converter? If so then… Confirmed. I didn’t mean to write that I believe that’s how one enters live record, that is how you do it

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Check this out:

I trigger my Monopoly which only has cv and gate inputs with the Octatrack all the time. In fact it’s a great sequencer for this type of thing. I use a Kenton Pro Solo Mk2. Midi out from Octatrack. Cv and gate out from Kenton to Monopoly. In your case if you have a midi to cv converter in your rack you could just use that. You can trigger notes chromatically from the Octatrack keys as well as input them in one by one as trigs. You can also use the arpegiator which is a lot of fun. Hook up an external midi controller and you can play the notes into the Octatrack live. It’s pretty flexible.


Another option is shuttle control. Works exactly as you describe (and is infinitely customizable). You’ll also need a midi to usb cable or their shuttle mate to use it with OT.

It’s the sequencing brain of my modular :metal:

I do this, less so by using the chromatic mode on the trig buttons and more often using a keystep plugged in.

The BeatStep Pro can be used as a Midi to CV interface. This would be:
OT-Midi-out --> BSP-Midi-in --> BSP-CV/Gate-out --> modular

Using a BeatStep Pro gives you up to two channels of CV-pitch/CV-Velocity/Gate (this are the melodic tracks) and 8 trigger outputs (that’s the drum track) and costs not a fortune. The OT can be clock-master and the BSP can send the clock out as one of the triggers.

I checked that out … easy to set up … seems to work reliable even for a live situation.


Thanks guys! Good stuff :slight_smile:

Do you know if the midi out from Beatstep Pro can act like a Midi Thru to a Midi to CV interface modules this situation?
Giving you access to the OT midi sequencer and all the cv and gates from the Beatstep.
I would appreciate to know if this configuration is possible :slight_smile:

The BSP can be used as a Midi to CV interface. A separate Midi to CV converter is not needed. AFAIK the DIN Midi interfaces of the BSP are Midi-In and Midi-Out only.

I see your point now.
Do you need to use one trigger out as a clock output? The internal clock output is bugged?

Yes, this is what I did. One trigger output as “clock”, if the clock was needed to sync modular gear. It’s also interesting to use this as clock-divider or to generate rhythmic gates to be used anywhere in the modular.

I’m doing this all the time!
Just use the chromatic MIDI mode, it’s not all that convenient imho, but works. Even better is to hook up a MIDI keyboard to the OT and set its MIDI channel to the OT’s auto channel.

You might want to check out this:

or hold on for a little bit, because maybe something else is coming also…