Can you loop only the current pattern page?

I’ve had my A4 for about three weeks now and I’m very happy with it. When creating patterns that are longer than one page I’d really love a way to loop only the page I’m working on (so I don’t have to wait that long for the page to playback again). Does anybody know if that’s possible? I’ve combed through the manual two times now but I can’t find anything.

not possible but workarounds have been discussed on the forum before

I’ve thought of that myself and I don’t think that’s possible. (If somebody knows better, please correct me.)

One workaround could be that you copy-paste that single page to an empty 16-step pattern for editing and then copy it back to the original pattern. But that’s not very convienient.

Pattern = 64 steps
Page = 16 steps

You can change (in adv mode) 64/64 to 16/16 - machine will loop only first page.
When you will change to 64/64 - you will have full lenght again.

Yeah, this is definitely something that could do with being implemented. It would be very useful.