Cannot enter midi from minilogue into OT sequencer

I can only get the clock, and start/stop to work. I had the minilogue listening on the same channel as the active track in midi mode. Can I even enter midi notes from the minilogue? or does a key need to be pressed?

I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly, but, if you want to record incoming midi into the OT sequencer, I believe you need to send the MIDI to be recorded on the OT’s auto channel.

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It seems that you are trying to send midi from the Minilogue to the OT but your connection might be inverted since you say that you can send clock from OT to the Minilogue.

Make sure that the midi cable is connected to the Minilogue’s Output and the OT’s Input. This allows you to send midi notes from the Korg’s keyboard to the OT.


And add a midi cable between OT out and Minilogue in if you want to play it with OT!

Minilogue should be set to Local off in that case, otherwise sounds are played twice.


Turns out it was a deep rooted issue in the minilogue settings. I thought I got everything from the manuel. Now I just need to get proficient with program changes