Can't save presets in overbridge mode

Just got the heat. Love it sonically, but I’m finding that the overbridge implementation leaves a bit to be desired. I just realized that it’s impossible – for me at least – to save presets while in OB mode. When I make some setting changes from an init preset, alter the name, and hit “save”, it brings up the preset list window…but when I select the slot I want and hit “save” again, nothing happens. Neither does my preset save nor does the preset move to the slot I selected, which is the behavior I expected.

Furthermore, it’s also impossible for me to save a preset manually on the machine while in OB. I push and hold the encoder and nothing happens.

I tried it all out in USB-MIDI only and everything works as it should. But I don’t want to have to do this. I will file a support ticket on this, but anyone else have this issue? I would consider myself a heavy OB user, very familiar with it, and generally have flawless operation on my AR and Akeys 99.9% of the time so I doubt this is any way system related.

There’s another somewhat related issue that bumming me out about the AH vis a vis OB which I’ll start another thread on. I know it’s early in its implementation and Elektron will try to iron out bugs ASAP, but I just got this and I’m afraid I’ll have to return it while I’ve still got the chance if this is anything other than user error. Can’t afford to assume it’ll work correctly in the future.

I have the same problem too. AH is basically useless to me when it come to overbridge. Constantly having to reset the unit to get it to work normally.

Same here. Can’t save presets from OB.

VST in Ableton for me. True…that much does work. And that’s something. Would be enough for me if I only ever wanted to use it on one source per session, but I’m likely to want more. And I have another thread here about problems with using multiple instances.

Everyone suffering from this should open a support ticket to elektron. This is a showstopping issue for many users IMO.


Heard back from elektron support today and it is indeed a bug. It’ll be fixed in the next update.


FYI - I found that you can save presets if you open up the preset menu from the top right of the UI (where settings are).

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It’s still not fixed ?!

Every time it try to save a preset, I get all AH parameters reset and “INIT PRESET” instead …

Is this ever going to fixed? I still can’t save a preset in OB with AH.

same problem here , can’t save any preset , every time I reset preset…

And still the problem persists. I didn’t know it existed until today when I went to save a preset I’d just spent an hour getting right… hit Save… selected a slot… nothing… selected a slot again (this time with a double click) and bang, my preset defaults back the Init Preset.

Come on Elektron!

How exactly do you do that? I’ve opened the side panel but see no way to save the preset…

For everything regarding Overbridge now I would wait to the next update, I guess it should not be too late… In any case personally i upgraded to mark 2 I haven’t the choice anyway :joy:

same problem but I actually see the small Save window flash briefly on screen for half a second when I hit save…

right click works for me in the list

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I heard AH is Discontinued.
NO fix this bug?

Who told you Analog Heat is discontinued? It’s not true.

Some japanese sellers announced AH discontinued and final price down,so i beleive that.

If not true,its good news.I love heat .

when i press preset/data to save a preset manually on the machine I push and hold the encoder and nothing happens.

You have to press the button a bit harder and hold it. If you press it like you are selecting a preset it will not work. I just messaged with support about it.