Can't stop recording

Ok so this is super stupid but I need someone to help me out.
I want to record my thru machine that is running on track 5 to track 1.
So, I choose flex machine on track 1, choose recording buffer 1. In recording settings, set trig one two, etc etc. Recording goes smoothly, and i assign newly recorded sample to the track - change it back to static and add a newly recorded sample to the static part 1 list. BUT now, each time i press play, track 1 is recording my thru machine - input cd.
Any ideas how to stop this?

Is the record trig on track one still active and armed even after you switch to static?

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The recorders don’t record any machines. Also, the flex machine is not a recorder. The recorders are “before” the machines in the signal path. The machines play back recordings (either from ram or the disk). A recorder might record the output of another track: I guess that’s what you’ve configured in the recorder settings - on Rec1 you’ve set it to record T5. With that configuration, the recorder will always record the output of T5, regardless of what machine you have on T1.

If you set a record trig, each time the trig is passed, the recorder will start. So you could remove the trig, once you have saved the recording. Or you could use a one-shot rec trig (hold [FUNC] and hit the trig: they’re yellow when they’re armed and flash yellow-red when they’ve been used). One-shots re-arm when you double [STOP] but not a single [STOP].

Also… that juggle you’re doing where you set the T1 to have a Flex machine, record, then save, then set it to use a Static machine, seems like a couple of steps too many. Just use the Static machine if that’s what you want to use for playback. You can preview and edit the recording in the editor without having to assign the record buffer to a Flex machine. I can’t remember the key combination right now. Different shortcuts and/or opening device/slot lists and then opening the editor will cause the editor to open on either the record buffer or the slot, or the track’s machine’s buffer.

I’ve read that people sometimes use a Part for recording and another one for playback, with different samples/slots (and maybe machines too) on the same track, in the two Parts. If you’re doing this recording/playing cycle a few times, it might be easier to use the Parts this way. I’ve not tried it.


Well, yeah there is a trig that trigs a recorded sample. but i disarm all tracks.

Thanks for the reply.
I am aware how buffers work.
Each machine has a buffer on top, so you have a sample, and a buffer on top of it if you choose so.
I am setting one two trig and one shot trig, so that is not a problem, i guess the issue is that i am having a trig at the start of the pattern to trigger newly recorded sample - and that triggers the recording.
That is why i was bouncing between flex and static, but i guess it didn’t make sense.

Record trigs and playback trigs are not the same though. The record trigs only appear when you’re in one of the record setup screens—REC 1, REC 2, etc.

Maybe you haven’t disabled the record trig in there? You can also hit a key combo to show all trigs. I can’t remember it right now though, sorry!


One of the most important things to understand when recording on the OT. When in record mode, hit Func-Bank. This is an easy way to find out what trigs are where.

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First, you’re not recording the track 5 this way, only the input CD.
If you really want to record Track 5, with added FX on top of input CD, choose T5 as SRC3 and deactivate input CD.
If you want to record several tracks at the same time, use e.g. the cue bus to gather several tracks.

Secondly, take the time to understand what @Octagonist said:

  • for recording only once, use a One-Shot trig on the Recorder track
  • once you’ve recorded something, use “save and assign” to quickly make the sample available as a slot in the sample list.

I just got my OT Mk2 and use it to record my modular gear. What works like a charm for me is ;

  • I use T5 more or less all the time as a Flex machine to work with samples (crop/edit/trim etc)
  • In the Rec1 screen, I set recording length and set up a record trig on “1”. I then FUNC press it to make it a one-shot.
  • If I’m recording my gear “raw” i use recording A B, If I have a mix I want to record (I run a sub-mix from my mixer to C D) or effects, I record from REC3/Main, or from a specific track with REC3/TX
  • I Jam with my Eurorack gear until I have a loop I am happy with, and then FUNC+T5 to arm the track.
  • I jump into the audio editor and see the sample as it comes in.
  • I use the FILE menu of the Flex machine to save the sample and assign it to a free static slot.

Just mentioning this since it seems like you are trying to achieve the same thing. The downside of this is that T5 is unavailable for other uses. (My T8 is also master, and I have a Thru machine as well, so I lose 3 tracks)

If you can find the right key combination in the manual, you can open the record buffer for any Track and do all the editing you need without needing to use a flex machine to preview the recording. You can do your whole workflow AND get T5 back for purpose you like.

I’ll look it up…


This seems to be the problem. I bet there are still armed record trigs on the track:

Once in this menu, use up and down to go from playback trigs, through slide and swing trigs, and down to record trigs. You can even leave the menu open with the sequencer running, so that you can manually remove a record trig at any time of your choosing (i.e., before the sequencer loops back around again).


Cheers guys, figured it out.
i was too tired, i was mixing track and record trigs.

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exactly that was an issue, it was 4 am and i was too tired to notice.