Casio PX-S7000

I have no intention of buying this but I admire the design. I know there are peeps here who are design fans like @AdamJay


Harmonious Mustard!! I definitely appreciate the design but part of me thinks that it has a bit of a looks great in a show room vibe… not sure it how it would fit into a more lived in eclectic space.

I wish more instruments came with legs though, something feels classy about it.

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Saw some old men complaining about how it makes them think of Ikea

eg. the multiple shots of it in proximity to someone’s couch, with and without humans sitting on said couch


Very nice looking, though at the MSRP I’d probably be looking more at an SV-2.


Yeah I still really want a Yamaha YC61, just looks fun to play on to me… although the design looks actually much cooler to me in this demo than in casios videos to me.

2,499 is indeed a steep price point.

Given that it’s Casio, it probably has better action and sound than the stylish Donner:

The Korg G1 Air seems like the home piano to beat, with its four channel speaker system. Very traditional design though.

My friends that are into harpsichords gush about the fine cabinets and expertly crafted design details. Pianos are furniture that proudly proclaim “my owner is both wealthy and cultured enough to make room for this fine instrument which tastefully integrates with their decor.”

If you don’t care about physical presence, get PianoTeq.

If you want good action and want something that looks more like professional music gear, get a stage piano.

Sticking some mid-century modern legs on a piano-shaped synth seems like a perfectly valid thing to do.

(yes, I’m slowly shopping for a home piano. My partner seems to prefer the G1 Air due to the speaker system even though she previously disliked the trad style)

Yamaha YC61 in Harmonious Mustard would be insta-buy for me, even though I absolutely adore the organ-like tones I get from my Opsix.

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I found the key action really heavy on the KeyLab 88. I really wanted to like it but it just wasn’t working for me. For reference, my favorite keys in the same range are Yamaha’s GHS action and I am a pretty casual/beginner piano player.

Those legs also work with the PolyBrute, which I find far more interesting.

I like my Keystep 37, and may get one or both of the “pro” -Steps, but the big Arturia controllers don’t appeal much to me. I like to be able to unhook my Mac from the studio.

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Finally! A digital piano for European apartments!

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Ok, so the design is not approved.

No waxing poetic about Braun or Rams or anything