Celebrating what you did in 2022

Thanks man. Huge congrats to you and the Mrs. as well! Here’s to starting new chapters :beers:


I dived deeper into learning and recording my modulars that was fun!
Found much better paying job that allows me to work from home.
Hosted local synth party in my home studio.
Bought two dream pieces of gear that I have wanted for years the Rytm and Virus.


It’s hard to celebrate, but I have tried to be a rock for my parents. My dad was diagnosed with cancer late last year, and I was there for him at the start of his treatment, and at the end. He actually kind of sailed through chemo and radiation beautifully, but then in July suffered a series of small strokes that really shook him both mentally and physically. He had been the primary caregiver for my mom, who has Alzheimer’s, so it became all-hands-on-deck. I was able to get there overnight (Oregon to Florida for all these trips) and support him as he started what we all hoped was his recovery. After my sister and brother each came to be with my folks in the following weeks, I returned a month later, and was with my dad when he passed. Since then, we’ve had to support my mom, move her here close to me and my family, sort through all their things and get their house sold, get a trust set up to ensure that I can keep helping my mom right. Getting my mom into the right assisted living has been tough, and we are going to be moving her to a new place in a couple of days, hoping that she’ll be happier there and more settled.

I’ve also had a promotion this year at work. For a time that has meant that I have to lead a newly created team while also trying to tie off existing projects that I have been directly working on. I am grateful to have the support and understanding of my team and leaders, but it’s been a heavy lift, with all the time I needed to dedicate to my parents.

Also have been trying to keep up being a good spouse and father, being present with my kids and working through hard changes in my marriage, as we get closer to being “empty-nesters” and we undergo our individual transformations into middle-age. So much unknown.

It’s been one of the hardest years of my life…I still try to get time in for making music and finding enjoyment in it.

But I have definitely been self-medicating with alcohol to an unhealthy degree, and am not in the kind of physical shape I know I can and should be in.

I am really looking forward to turning the page on this year, and living a healthier life in 2023.

I am super grateful for this forum of kind people, where I can hide away and think and chat and be inspired about synths and music with talented and thoughtful folk from all over the world.


My wife and I made a baby this year! 6 months old now, hard but incredibly rewarding work. Bought a house and moved. Still getting settled, haven’t got the studio set up yet, but chipping away at it between being a dad, house projects and work


Yeah, I did some stuff…

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Congrats, dude! My own journey this year lines up with most of your post. I’ve liked your sound in the hiphop battles here, so I hope you keep tilting at windmills, quixote