Change note manually on chromatic mode

Hello guys, i saw a similar post but i didn’t understand.

i want to ask which is the way to change a note manually on chromatic mode. To be more detailed: If for example i am recording some trigger notes on chromatic mode and when i play them back i realize that i have miss some notes i want to change them manually [i don’t want to do that via any rate/pitch change]] .

I remember doing this in the past somehow but my brain has stuck and i cannot remember how this is done. The only thing i remember is that i was pushing the note continuously and then i could change it with the right one, or something like that.

Do i remember right? Is this possible?

I guess you are talking about audio tracks. I don’t think you can do that, except with an external keyboard. Hold a trig and change pitch doesn’t seem that difficult.

So why didn’t you post in that topic? Any link?


Thanks you are right!