Change patterns without break

Imagine you’re playing live and you want to switch to an empty pattern. First you make a copy of the current pattern and then you select the next empty pattern. At this point, it’s very difficult to paste the first pattern without having a break (or a micro break). Is there a way to make this without break?

Unforrunately no.
On the Octatrack I managed to sample the main out (what is playing on the current pattern) and for the next pattern I prepared a track with this stereo loop triggered on the first step. This way it worked. But on the AR, A4, etc. it’s not possible. I am praying almost every night to the mighty Electron Good to find a solution to this… He is smart. He will find one when the time is right :wink:

Yes, very possible

Search the forums for Copy ahead on the fly

You can copy ahead to the new pattern before you even switch to it :thup:

+1 avantronica!

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Why’d you want to switch to another copy of the same pattern btw?

so you can build on and enlarge smaller ideas and chain them or return to them, if you start from scratch with empty patterns this is really the best aspect of the workflow

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Fair enough, I guess for more complex material this might be a good thing. For simpler cases I personally feel that pattern & kits reloads are enough.

Now then, how do you pull off such a pattern clone in practice? What keycombos are used?

@void to the rescue

you can do it to multiple destinations simultaneously

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The solution :slight_smile: