Change songs without stopping

Greetings people,
My first post here for this awesome machine…
There’s a gig coming up and i’ll play 4 of my tracks Live with the OT & Tempest.I would like to know your approach on changing from one song to another without stopping.I searched and found a solution with patterns & parts but everytime i want a different pattern to play with other samples it ends up playing the same samples.


You have 4 parts per bank. each of these parts stores information about your machine/sample and fx settings for your 8 tracks.
If you want pattern A to play different samples on parts 1 and 2 just select each part and assign different samples from the pool. Then, Save your parts. My first time messing with parts I made the mistake of selecting a different sample in the same sample slot. Make sure all your samples are loaded in the pool otherwise your project can’t find them.
Also, check out Banks if you haven’t. There are 16 of them… each with their own 4 parts, 16 tracks and 64 scenes(16 scenes x 4 parts)
sorry if this made no sense, I have a high fever right now and should probably be lying down.

I use the flex-recorders to do all my transitioning (tip: search forum on transitioning trick… oh, and I am not a good speller… I think this is how you write it) …

Its explained in this video I made :slight_smile: . . (its my version of the trick explained)

Welcome Yorg

Yes as other have said, banks are your songs
There are other ways too but I keep forgetting them

BTW to other members, probably wont be to long before he is giving tips
on the OT based on his great work with the Tempest on the DSI forum.


Thanks for your suggestions guys i’ll let you know how it goes!

Yep the slightest detail can make a difference…Didn’t have all my samples in the pool :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks musicmagus and wish you quick recovery on your illness!