Change the preset, I hear it in my 'phones, but USB recording DOES NOT

As per the title. I am recording over USB into Ableton, I switch the preset on the AH, and tweak the new preset (I have level matched the two presets, and I use the second one to slowly “destroy” the sound as an outro). I hear it in my headphones (I need to check I hear it on the speakers, brb…I DO) but the recording doesn’t reflect the changes at all.

What am I doing wrong? I wonder if I am recording the audio coloured by heat at all?


change usb config to Audio, not OB and it works :man_facepalming:


Yeah, I would check the Audio Routing section of the manual (from p18 in the MKII manual). It doesn’t sound like you’re recording the Heat’s effect back into your DAW.

Edit: oh, you figured it out. Nice!

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Yeah, thanks. Sorry that I’m a bit hairtrigger on the forum , I think it is cos I’m so confused by this AR problem I am having where I have to reload the kit everytime I switch banks, or I get silence from AR.

It’s off-topic but you’re the OP so I guess I’m allowed to go off-topic too haha. Something doesn’t sound quite right with your AR. Mine doesn’t have any of the weird behaviour that you mention (I’m on the black MKII with the latest OS). So, I would get it touch with support if I was you, but be sure to write down all of your steps to replicate the issue in full and maybe film it happening. Also, you never know, by trying to replicate it, you might even find that you stumble upon the solution. Try to get it to happen deliberately from a completely new Project.


Dredging this topic up again. You are welcome.

I ran into this as well when setting up a DAW for recording. Ended up selecting the POST option in AUDIO ROUTING->USB CC MODE setting.

The manual was the only way I would have discovered this. Strange name for this particular setting?