Changing octaves for external instrument (Volca Bass)

I can’t seem to figure out if it’s possible to change the octave on the Volca using the model samples to send midi. I read the manual but it doesn’t seem to address this. When I change the octave knob on the Volca it doesn’t do anything. When I use the shift+track function and change the base note and/or kbt it also doesn’t change the pitch/octave.
Can anyone help me out?

IIRC the octave knob is only for the internal sequencer on the Volca Bass.

You just have to send the correct midi notes an octave below.

Func and Track, then change the Pad value to one octave lower than it’s currently set to. Don’t have one here in front of me but I think that should work.

Tried this one already. Doesn’t work. Thanks though. I’m starting to think I can’t?

How would I send the correct midi notes?

I don’t have the Model:Samples, sorry can’t help you with this one, but sequencing Volca Bass is straight forward like on any other simple synth with midi.

Pretty sure someone else will chime in soon. :slight_smile:

Just to provide more info.

Sync out is on
Click out is on
Pch out is on track 6
I can play notes on the Volca using the samples

Thanks for trying anyway, I appreciate it.

Have you tried doing that procedure I described with another synth? I’m wondering if this is an issue exclusive to the Volca Bass

Sorry that didn’t work!

The cc for controlling octave on the volca bass is cc40 as indicated by the volca bass midi implementation chart.

Afair, The model:sample doesn’t send out cc with its external midi sequencer so you cannot control the octave control on the volca bass from the model samples.

I figured I had read everything available and tried everything and that it just wouldn’t work. Thanks!

The octave control is for the internal sequencer. If you send notes from an external sequencer to the Volca Bass, no need to use the octave control.

There must be a way to change the octave on the M:S for putting in notes in chromatic mode that are sent to midi out!

From looking at the manual, I think it works indeed like @maymind_trax wrote in his post above. Track Setup Menu and then change the pad note.

Yes, I see what you’re getting at. But the original question was how to cc control the octave knob on the volca bass from the model sample as it seems op is looking for a transpose type effect.

While the octave knob can be controlled externally when midirx short message is set to on, you are right it only affects notes in the volca sequencer.

But, it remains that the model samples doesn’t send midi cc with its midi sequencer side anyway so controllinf that function from the model samples couldn’t be done.

transpose would need a workaround.

But maybe I’m just misinterpreting the op.