Changing sample bit rate and sample length

How do i change flex and static to default to 24 bit and 32 seconds rather than 16bit 16 seconds.
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Memory Configure, manual pg 39.



Full details of the options are given on pages 39 and 40 of the manual.

Another way :

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Hi there. Jumping onto this topic with an issue regarding changing recording bit depth from 16 to 24 in an existing project.

I’ve just started my first project to learn this badboy. It was meant to be a throwaway thing, but now that I’ve started to get the hang of it, I wanna make use of it.

Anyways, I’ve been resampling loops in 16bit, but would much rather have the 24bit fidelity for pitching, further resampling etc. Whenever I go in to the memory setting and change the recorder bitdepth setting up to 24, and go out of the menu (promting that unsaved recording buffers will be lost) my patterns no longer make any sound. Why is that? I’m not using the recording buffers to playback, but have saved my 16bit resampled loops to free flex slots.

I have to reload my project to get audio out again. However, I can still preview samples, only not those loaded to my flex machines. Do I need to replace all the audio-files in the flex sample-pool to make it work like it should? Also noticed that my trigs on one of my flex tracks disappeared after making changes to the memory. After reloading the project my trigs were back. That was really concerning…

Is there a safe way to change bitdepth settings on an existing project?
Maybe it’s possible to start a new project and import the pattern/scene/part data etc?

I only have a few patterns prepared, one bank, one part.

hey did you ever figure this one out ? I am facing same issue

Get audio back after memory config changes?
The faster is to power cycle OT!
But I wouldn’t recommend it. I’d rather go in SYSTEM > CARD TOOLS > FILE MANAGER, go out with NO. Pretty fast. It also reloads the project as it was (not the save state).
If someone as a better solution, I’m interested in. IIRC there’s a nicer way.

You can also save (and reload?) the project, change to another project, change back to your working project (I don’t like that option).

If you reload without saving, you loose changes.

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