Checking +Drive free space / deleting unused samples

Is there an easy way to check how much free space is left on the Digitakt’s +Drive, or which samples have been used in projects?

I keep getting “file transfer failed” messages when moving samples across: they first started about 3/4 of the way through a big sample pack transfer last night, so I assume I’ve maxed out the 1tb of space on the Digitakt, but the sound recorder tells me I have 33 minutes available. Is there any way to get definite info on how much disk space is used / free?

Assuming the drive’s full, what’s the easiest way to delete unused samples? As far as I can tell, this requires checking each sample against each project / pattern to make sure it’s okay to delete, which is going to be massively time-consuming.

Any ideas? Apologies if this is in the manual but I’ve checked & cant see anything.

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I think the DT’s got significantly less than a TB (terabyte) of internal flash! :smiley:

AFAIK there is not yet any way to easily manage the samples on the DT; you will have to do it via the interface on the unit itself. I believe it is possible to delete entire folders; it is also possible to mark multiple files for deletion. Assuming you have your samples already organised into packs / folders on the +Drive, it might be easier than you imagine.

The sound recorder I believe is telling you that you have 33 seconds of recorder buffer available. That’d be RAM. If the +Drive is full, you might have trouble saving the samples after you’ve recorded them.

I fully expect (and hope for) an improvement with a future software release. Until then I am managing it manually.


AFAIK and unfortunately no(t yet?); this has been discussed at length in at least one other thread.

Sorry, I obviously meant 1gb not 1tb, and seconds rather than minutes. Serves me right for posting in a rush.

That makes sense about the recorder saving to RAM rather than the +Drive, though I thought it did the latter for some reason.

Hopefully OB’s unspecified “librarian” function will help?

Sorry for teasing :slight_smile:

Sampling to RAM … I am only assuming. At least, I don’t believe the 33 seconds has any relationship to the available +Drive space.

(A Librarian feature - I hope so! But I am very patient. The DT is already extremely cool. Making great stuff takes time; it’s gonna be awesome when the OB-ready version of the DT’s OS drops :smiley:)

Getting close to having this functionality:

I’ll be working on a more polished UI for this and then have it up by next weekend.



Ah yes, I remember seeing this! It looks great. The last I remember, you were hoping for the MIDI communication specs to transfer data to & from the Digitakt… has that happened yet?

has anyone found a solution to this?

check this out:

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