Chord Key/Scales in Digitakt?

Been thinking about upgrading my MicroMonsta to a Novation Peak or Virus TI. The Monsta is fantastic and I’ve enjoyed it, though I’d simply like to try something new.

That said, one thing I’d miss is the MM’s “Chorder” function. Basically you can play 3 or 4 note chords within a chosen key by simply hitting single notes up and down the keybed. This is helpful because I’m ass at music theory, and being able to sequence any one key with the Digitakt and have it play, for instance, an entire chord within the key of F minor is terrific. It makes it so I can write progressions very easily without pulling out a chord chart.

Anyway, I’m curious if there’s an idiot safe way to program within a scale/key using the Digitakt, or if I would be relegated to manually playing/punching in random chord positions for each step. I believe some refer to this as “writing music”, and I want to make that part easy if I can. Thanks!

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I dont believe there is a Scale function on the DT. If there is, I’d like to know as well. The DN has it and its way easy to come up with some great ideas quickly.