Cleaning an old synth

I’ve got a second hand Virus C desktop synth. It’s in good condition but I’d like to give the front panel a thorough clean.

Any suggestions as to method? Mr Muscle? Brillo pads? The cat?

Mild soap and water with a damp cloth… Pull the knobs off and clean with a toothbrush with dishsoap and water… Open up the case and blow out with compressed air…

Dont use brillo pads or harsh cleaners…

Thanks. (The brillo pads bit was a poor joke;)

I like to use those cleaner wipes that you get for computer screens and keyboards - think they are just a mild solvent but work great for removing finger grime, smudges etc

I recently revived an ensoniq SQ80 front panel using these and it looks great - buy em in packs of 100s for no money on the bay or amazon.

try with just water first, usually that does a pretty good job.

if it’s possible to separate the front panel from the synth, that would be ideal because it protects the guts from water and also makes it much easier to clean around knobs and buttons.

For what its worth, I clean all my studio stuff with a paintbrush. Gets in all the nooks.

The Cat! But you have to give the cat a bath before you start, which could be a bit of a struggle…

That was my latest clean up job an SQ-80…

That was my latest clean up job an SQ-80…[/quote]
I have that common problem with mine where the display cuts out when you put pressure (or not enough pressure) on the top panel - not always - have you seen this with yours? I’ve opened her up and had a poke around but can’t seem to find the cause…

Sorry to hijack thread folks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No problem with mine… You check the connection to the VFD display?

Yeah couldn’t see anything obvious - it’s definitely that though, I found some info on the interwebs about it but it was pretty vague - just advised reseating the whole connector - think it’s some sort of ribbon if memory serves - just need to make time.
But back on topic she looks tiptop after a thorough rub down with the cleaning wipes :+1: