Cleaning the encoders

Hi guys

I was wondering if there is anyway to clean the encoders on elektron gear.

It looks like some liquid/oil has gotten into my A4 encoder and the sensitivy of the encoder is very weird, sometimes its very responsive and then sometimes it slows down. Could a contact cleaner/lubricate help this? or would it just make it worse.

I’ve used red DeOxit metal contact cleaner on endless encoders before with success. Just a single drop in the right place, let it soak in a few seconds and then twist back an forth several times.

I have deoxit d5 but I once used this on an encoder and it totally screwed it? I may have applied to much though and done it incorrectly.

Would you reccomend using the deoxit that comes in the small squeeze tubes (not sure of the correct term) taking off the encoder keycap and just putting one drop on the encoder?

Exactly. Small squeezy tube. Take encoder cap off, and apply one single drop direct to encoder where the little gap is (where the part spins)

I’ve done it quite a few times and it’s always solved it, and I’ve never had an issue. Not that I’m some kind of expert though.

However I’ve only needed it for probably a little dust / particles that worked their way in. Never had to deal with oil / gunk / spillage situation.

Thanks mate,

I will leave it for now as the encoder does still work (works nearly fine with the button pushed down), but if it starts to get worse I might look at doing what you said.