Clear pattern arghhhhh

So i accidentally hit function and clear. Everything has vanished. Is there any way i can get my track back?! Bloody annoying

You have to press the same combination straight away.

Feel sorry for you, bro :thinking:

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Yes, you have to do it straight away, because the buffer is continuosly updated…


if you have Saved the Project, you can Revert to Saved (doing first a Project copy backup also); then you can get back to the Pattern at the state it was when you Saved the Project.
If you’re lucky, then Pattern -more or less- gets back!

I know it is a common f]#[ing hell…but you should probably want to have a copy of the pattern ready to be rescued in case of any disaster…just hit FUNCT+REC (copy) [NO grid mode] then select an empty one, paste it there, then keep doing this using this pattern as an operator-controlled buffer for saving your progression.

Octatrack is a wonderful machine, but deserves a lot of thinking or, at least, some really good instinct in organization…i do not have both… :sob:

But it remains one of my favorite piece of equipment ever!


Thanks for the tips

Thankfully 4 of the tracks were previously bounced to audio. So i have only lost 3 tracks of drums/hats/snares (which i was about to bounce too). I shall be be backing up patterns in the future for sure!

I’ve done it myself but at the time didn’t know of the “do it again to undo” thing. Now I do. :slight_smile:

i always breathe a sigh of relief when i get that “undo” in

It took me a long time to stop making this mistake.

Rule of thumb: remember that when the REC light is off then any copy / paste / clear commands will affect the pattern so be extra careful. When REC light is on then it’s local to the selected Track.


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