Clearing some patterns clears other patterns too?

Apologies if this has already been covered but my search results didn’t seem to apply. I haven’t been using the A4 (MkI) for long but I thought that I’d got my head around the pattern/kit/sound basics.

I’ve just done some clearing up of old patterns (selecting multiple patterns and pressing Fn+Play), basically all of the factory preset patters on banks B/C/D.

I went through and just left the few I’d created myself but then when I checked these remaining patterns they were empty. They still showed as lit after pressing the bank button (all of the others weren’t lit on the trig LEDs after I’d cleared them) but when I went into each of these patterns none of them contained any trigs and were all set to use the same kit.

I know that when you change/clear a kit it can affect all patterns that use it, but I’m not sure how every remaining pattern on the device got ‘emptied’ of all triggers (but still shows as containing some data on the trig lights) by clearing different patterns.

Looks like I’m clearly misunderstanding something, but I can’t figure out what…

You selected multiple patterns and cleared them in one step? How?

I got that from the manual. Pressed one of the bank buttons and then held down three pattern buttons and then held play/clear. Screen said ‘clearing 3 patterns’ with the countdown,


That have sent me quite on a hunt, because almost everywhere in the manual only single pattern selections are used/explained (beside quick-chain).

Finally I’ve found it:

It is possible to clear, copy or paste multiple patterns at the same time.

… + some guessing and re-interpretation of the text around I’ve learned something new … :smiley:

Is it just me who wasn’t aware of that multi-select-copy-paste-delete feature?

Just you…yes. :smile:
Me too. :content:

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Glad to share a tip after just absorbing them here :slight_smile: