Clock click [resolved]

Hi, I have an issue: MIDI clock sounds on my output, producing click sounds, even when all sync is turned off.
Goes like this: turn on digitakt, select empty pattern (or any pattern on all-mute, no difference), hit play. And there it goes out of my speakers: click, click, click, click… gets faster with upper tempo, slower with lower tempo. No other device plugged in. No link connection with DAW. I tried letting it rest a minute or two and it doesn’t change anything.

Can someone explain to me what I’m missing, please ? :slight_smile:

Do you have the metronome on?


I am so much ashamed.
I never used it and activated it by accident. I had no idea.
Thank you and sorry :flushed::grin:


don’t apologize, this is a heartwarming story with a happy ending! right cheered me up it has.

:smile: I am literally laughing at myself right now reading my own post