Collateral Damage: Dance music and orchestras don’t mix. By Chal Ravens

I’ve never been a fan myself, but i’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

To me the whole point of electronic music is that it is made in non-traditional ways with synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and all the flora and fauna of electronic noise boxes. Turning it into Orchestral Music defeats the purpose of it. And once you take that music and put it in a theater where an Orchestra is playing and I have to put on a tie, you’ve lost me again–this is the exact opposite of what dance music is about.

Can you imagine a bunch of geezers in tuxedos gulping an E then settling into their seat to quietly listen to some a$$ backwards Orchestra performance of Acid House?

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I don’t see such obvious barriers.
Repetitive music was created for orchestra way before the first kick resonated on a dance floor.
I have unfortunately missed Mills performance with an orchestra, but what I’ve seen seemed pretty awesome.

The mix may be weird, the audience not the same, but I guess that even if you replace wasted young folks on drugs by old farts, there will still be a bunch of music lovers in the crowd for whom frontiers in music are made to be stamped on. Some of them, once in a trance, wouldn’t help but moving in rhythm with the music.

The place and time where it’s played sets the mood I guess, but this has not much to do with the music in itself.

Btw have you ever tried to play with a drum machine while running a track from Steve Reich ? I did it once, and it was a joyful moment :tongue:

Edit : ok, totally missed the point.
I thought this was about hybrid machines + classical orchestra performances…

I’ve been to see opera at the Royal Albert Hall with a very punk friend. We got some odd looks for sure.

On the other hand I’ve attended many events at the South Bank Centre or Barbican in London for all manner of orchestral and other mashups, and no-one is expected to wear formal clothing, never mind a tie.

Can you imagine going to an electronic music event during the day while totally sober? If not, why not?

This article is 100% correct (full disclosure: Chal’s a mate).

There are plenty of examples of electronic and classical music overlapping with and feeding off each other in interesting ways, but those are invariably organic, ground-up processes.

The examples covered here, where people bolt orchestra-y bits onto electronic music, are almost always terrible and cheapen both sides of the deal.

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Yea, I can imagine that. And even if you take party favors/alcohol out of the equation they are just two different things for me. For me electronic dance music plays a pretty specific role–its there for people to loose their minds to in a really physical way.

Sure, I can imagine enjoying a quiet even of certain kinds of electronic music in a more orchestral setting. That’s easy. But why try to turn house, techno, et. al. into something it isn’t? Same with orchestra music.

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Henrik Schwarz’s “Instruments” sort of bridges that orchestra-to-dance music gap… however when I bought the album and listened a few times, I couldn’t help but think how bored I’d be if I was in the orchestra playing these songs.

We should just take the Strings out of “Strings of Life” and call it a day - or wait… hold on, Derrick May wrote that and played the piano & strings himself :+1:t3:… or… stop chattin nonsense and realise that “cultural appropriation” cuts in all manner of ways.
Full disclosure: skim read it and realised the whole article had deconstructed itself by the second paragraph.