Collect banks from different projects

Collect banks from different projects

Why is this still impossible to do without crazy computer file managements?

I simply cannot understand why years after OT’s launch elektron still has not implemented a way to collect different banks from different older projects into one single project.

Am I the only one who finds this crazy? Shouldn’t this be a obvious OT feature since launch?

I mean, I write one track in each bank, and now I want to create a set using old tracks from different projects, and I have a headache just thinking about how to do it. With C6 it’s so easy to collect different tracks on my MNM, but on the OT I just can’t believe how many hours I’m gonna spend doing this…

What are your thoughts on this? Any tricks out there?

I am having a similar headache but I understand why it’s not so simple on the OT. Audio files are referenced to slots and if you had a sample n slot 1 on two banks it would be pretty hard for the OT to work out what to do with it. I imagine its pretty hard to implement. Still it would be nice.

Is there a work around for this? I am compiling a live set from other projects but I am basically having to recreate each track from scratch.

the only one i know is to copy the 2 files for the bank you want to copy - paste them in the new project and substitute a empty bank.

By two files you mean pattern and scene?

no, the Bank.strd and files

Sounds scary. Not sure I wanna risk screwing up my CF card.

Check out BUTCHASOUND’s post in this thread:

That should help out. That said, it’s still a huge pain in the ass to combine projects. I really wish there were an easier way around this. As it is, if you want to play a set, you really have to make all the tracks in one project from the start.

When I brought this issue up before, the best suggestion I got was just to buy a 2nd Octatrack. Maybe one day…

I tried it and worked fine.

Of course a backup is a must!

Just seen the BUTCHA method but i don’t think i would go for something like that…