Compact drum machine recommendations

I’m looking for a drum machine to go with my digitakt and Digitone. Ideally it will have a small footprint and have no menu diving. If it doesn’t have individual outs then channel fx would be a must. The music I’m looking to make is industrial techno and so 909 sounds are probably a must. The tr8 looks a good choice but it is quite a hefty machine. Any other suggestions?

TR09 or drumbrute. Tr8 good too.

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Tanzbär small footprint fat sound


+1 MFB Tanzbär

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If you want 909ish and kompakt, tanzmaus sounds like a good fit? the tr-09 boutique is nice too if you dont mind the small knobs, but then again no fx and no ways to change the sounds…

I was going to recommend the digitakt but you seem to use one already…? why not use it for drums as well? Have you cannibalized the 8 voice polyphony to the maximum already with sound locks etc?

One very fun and super small drum machine for techno is the PO32 - its really a great piece of kit! - but I’m not sure if you can live with the limited fx implementation and no indiouts…

And oh yeah, don’t forget the venerable volca sample! If you can live with the limitation of 10 patterns/kits, its a great drumpler, sounds very good. You can use a retrokits custom MIDI cable to work around the ”1-midi-channel-per-sound” limitation.


DT ofc

I really like the tr8, it is very hands on or you can just leave it to run. the legacy timing setting is good to my ears. its bigger than other drum machines. the external inputs are really useful. get a used one for a good price, I say.

Some personal faves:
TT-606 & TT-78
Volca Sample
TR-08 & TR-09

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The digitakt is awesome but there’s no way to have individual outs for processing.

Drumbrute has individual outs

Yes, but if you use a DAW, you can preprocess your drum samples and reimport back to the DT. I’d imagine this is going to be quite easy to do once overbridge arrives for the digitakt.

Furthermore, you talk about compactness - having six to ten outputs from a drum machine running into a 10+ channel mixer with enough eq bands to pull off decent processing… is that still going to be compact? (if you’re using a digital mixer, I guess it could be but…)


compact is overrated IMHO :wink:


A Second digitakt!


The Vermona DRM1 is still on my drummachine list, almost bought it here from a forum member a few months ago, but it can wait. Definitely need to move first…

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Also a Din Sync DrumDokta 2 has a very fierce sound that takes processing well.

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yea that 606 I fancy too!!

If you havent tried it, get a Tempest, very good sound engine.

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i know you’v said no menu diving, but LXR is great sounding drum machine.

Very minimal menu diving. Tiny. Plus, you could build it yourself if you’re into that.

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Just barely beat me to it. :smiley:

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