Compact flash cards and file organization

Old thread on elektron users was long…and old. :slight_smile:

What brands work for you, what’s the highest speed that makes a difference?

How does speed make a difference? Saving, loading, static machines?

Is it all good to swap out a CF cards and what are you doing to stay organized? With the assignable RAM sizes on flex machines I imagine it might be nice at times to load samples off one CF card, and save long tracks that you recorded into RAM on another. I’m thinking about perhaps using multiple cards to store samples by type/theme and projects on another.

I’m still on the old 4gb x133, but I think it’s time to retire it to my MPC. What speed is the new 16gb cf that comes with the octatrack?

i m on 4gb 133x too…

the new ones that Elektron is including now are Kingston 16GB 266x, or at least, that was what came with mine

I’m considering buying this cheap Komputerbay 64GB Professional Compact Flash Card CF 600X 90MB/s. Does anyone know if it should work well with the OT?

Nikolaj de Haan

To be honest, I would stay away from ‘cheap’ cards…

I use SANDISK 400x 16gig and it works perfectly - fully recommended.

Regarding organizing, I only use 1 SET. So, all the PROJECTs are saved in that SET and use the same AUDIO POOL for all the PROJECTs. Simple.

+1. i have had no card issues since switching to Sandisk extreme 8gb 400x. i also only use one Set. no need to have more than 1 really.

i was looking at the Transcend 400X 16GB or 32GB cards, but on the old thread people back in 2011 said they were having issues with them, is it still the case?

I use the Kingston that came with my OT with no problems so far. But organisation is an issue. I have different folders for stuff like sliced kits, or single cycle waves etc but I also save a lot of samples from my outboard gear and so now the audio folder with all my sixfold erstwhile is littered with samples from projects. I wish it would just save them into the project folders.

You can set the OT so that it saves into the PROJECT FILE!

Go into Personalize options and set to the PROJECT DIR :slight_smile:

No reason to cheap out here:

Highest capacity, fastest transfer speed card around that works in the OT like a DREAM.

is this one good for the ot?

I still have the original 4GB Transcend that came with my OT, and have used their stuff before elsewhere, so it’s a good enough brand as far as flash memory goes it seems.

I currently use a 16GB 50MB/s Sandisk Ultra. Projects do not load faster than the stock 133x (2.5MB/s iirc) card it shipped with lol. I suppose it will run Static Machines better at least.


I am on day one with my Octatrack so I might not be looking at this the right way. But I was wondering if you can change the names of the pattern files? Lets say I want to swap pattern A01 with B01. Can I simply rename them?

I’m thinking mainly if I wanted to create a new set with a specific order of projects in it.

Hi Everybody!
I´ve bought that Kingston CF 64 GB:

But when I try to use it with my OT it get freeze and I can´t operate!
I just have to turn it off and put the Kingston CF 16 GB that came with my OT to keep on working…

Do you have any clue of what´s going on?
Thanks a lot!

I was wondering if the OT would benefit from one of these “superfast” type cards, (160mb per sec) or is there a bottleneck in the OT hardware for a specific transfer rate?