Conditional trigs... longer sequences

Not sure how to describe this, hence the thread title.

I have a sequence in mind I’d like to repeat.

The first 4 bars repeat through twice, then the next four bars run once. Then it all starts again.

Can I do this on one pattern with trig conditions? Have the same notes trigger 1st and 2nd loop then change the trig to alter the pitch for the 3rd go round?

Building a live set and want to have minimal pattern and bank switching.


Hmm sounds like a pretty long sequence you‘re trying to play. With the X:X conditions and the 64 steps there should be plenty of space, the only problems are overlaps.

You could try some trigless trigs microtomed into the originals. The trigless trig then can alter the pitch of the original notes via motion sequencing. That way you can tackle the overlapping notes in the sequence. On top of that you can give the trigless trigs yet another X:X condition, so it doesn‘t play all the time.

Sounds kinda complicated, I hope you know what I mean. Maybe this will help you to work out your melody.

Otherwise… I dunno, let it play a reeeaally long sample? Or maybe have two tracks dedicated to your melody and then manually toggle mute/unmute them?

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Assuming your two four-bar sequences can fit into eighth notes (that is, on odd-numbered trigs only): put the first four bars down. Then put the last four bars on the even-numbered trigs, microtimed all the way to the left, with 3:3 conditions. These will choke the first sequence when they play (so if there are notes in common between the two sequences, you don’t need a note in the second sequence, just let the first-sequence note play). For rests in the last four bars, use notes with zero velocity. This can survive some dotted eighth notes and sixteenth notes as long as they don’t get too dense. The idea can be used for “play this variation on the kth repetition of n”, for n up to 8.

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Ok, that makes some sense :slight_smile: I’m going to spend the evening testing that out. Thank you.

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You could try fill and not fill trig conditions as an alternative for the third loop. This done mean engaging fill manually on the third loop tho. Just throwing another idea out there :slight_smile:

Another alternative is to copy loop 1 to pattern 2, then have the third loop on pattern 3, then use the chain patterns function to get them to play as needed. Pattern 1, then 2, then 3, then 1…

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In the end I’ve accepted I may use a couple of patterns instead of one, or that I may need to play the patterns live. But that’s fun so I’m good. But I’ve also been playing with combining several tracks into one, where I trigger different samples on the same track. Kick and hats for example. This frees up other tracks meaning I can mute and unmute to make one pattern into two. It is more hands on, which again is fun and if I ever perform live will make it look interesting.

Means I don’t need a fake controller plugged in like some of the big names to pretend I’m doing stuff :wink:

I’m going to keep experimenting.

Don’t forget you can half the speed to get 128 steps - but again your resolution is halfed