Confirmed: Machinedrum MIDI in phase problem

The phase shift is an issue, yes. Cause most other devices has correct phase.

Phase can be a problem in many cases. For example if you are making kick and bass for trance style music, the phase of each of them are essential to make the kick and bass flow correctly.

But yeah since its legacy I guess I should not get my hopes up. Atm they seem to be focused on these lower budget machines. Maybe a new version will arrive in same format as Models:sample or the Digitakt/Digitone.

But I guess only time will tell.

either way, if it really really bugs you, you could do this - provided you are running balanced signals:
-> on an XLR cable, open up one end and switch the wires from Pin 2 and Pin 3. (similar for TRS).
now your cable will reverse your phase.


Or just hit the Reverse Phase button on the relevant channels pf your Mixer, Interface or A/D converters.

Reversing the phase doesn’t solve the issue if you use internal sequencer and external triggering at the same time…

@JustinValer still on the to do list ?