Connecting elektron devices to rear of balanced patchbay?

Connecting elektron devices I/O to rear of balanced patchbay? Good idea? Will the elektron device work with TRS jacks?

Yeah, no issues at all with my Elektrons on my patchbay, can’t imagine why there would be. Just wire it up like any other kit.

Same here.
Zero issues with 3 Elektrons into Neutrix TRS patchbay and Mogami TRS patch cables.

Ok. Cool. Are you guys connecting them in the rear of the patchbay ? Or are you just patching them in on the front ?

In the rear, for normalled operation.

Are you using TRS jacks on the inputs as well as the outputs ?

My Elektrons are all in the back, and everything is half-normalled and connected via TRS cables.

Have you set up a patchbay before?

Nope. Im planning to. Trying to gather some info here before i start making connections. If you dont mind it go ahead and share some essential connections and strategy for setting up one.

Sure. When I was first trying to figure out of I should get a patchbay, I started this thread on Gearslutz:

I ended up following Divemedia’s advice primarily and it was really quite easy. I know he sometimes posts here under a different name, so maybe he will chime in.

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Thanks. Ill have a look at it and see if i can find some useful advice :+1:

Cool. I’m happy to answer any questions that I can.

Basically, I have two patchbays, one that is only for instruments, the other currently for effects. Everything is plugged into the ports on the back excluding some guitar pedals and random things I plug in as needed. I run 8 stereo pairs of instruments in, and don’t bother with the other outputs on my Elektrons unless I need to, in which case all I have to do is grab a couple more cables.

Do you have both inputs and outputs on the elektron devices connected to the patchbay? And are u using a thru or half normal connection?

Do you have both inputs and outputs on the elektron devices connected to the patchbay? And are u using a thru or half normal connection?[/quote]
I have all of my instuments (Elektron and others) routed to the top back outputs of the patchbay in stereo, set as half-normalled. For the bay I’m using for effects, everything is set to thru. I then run to the other ins and outs on my Elektrons as needed from the front of the bay. Of course, you could choose to route all of your Elektron I/O to the back of the bay if you wish, but I’ve got a lot of gear and it makes more sense to keep those connections clear for other gear.

Interesting thread and infos.

What about the unbalanced jack out of the AR ? can we plug the 8 jacks to a balanced patchbay ?

Hi guys !
I’m detering this topic because I’m now very interest with a patch bay.

My setup is for the moment pretty small but kind of nice.
I have MD UW MKII , AK mk1 and OT

I’m thinking (because i’m in love with ambient dub and overdubs, field recordings and dub techno) now to buy, some more FX’s and a some PATCHBAYS as neutrik or samson do.

1 -
Can you explain me if I this will work
Sending two machines to an other but recuperating a Dry version of them
And etc

How to deal with DRY / WET in a patchbay ?

Is One input enough as a TRS to input a stereo signal or do I need two inputs ?

4-Can I route 3 machines to the patchbay, Send two of them (OT, A4) to a timeline FX and two other (as A4, MD) To a space echo and finally send (MD+OT) to a blue sky FX, to then recuperate all wet signals to send them to my tape recorder ?

Can I still listen Dry version of signals ?
Can I so this with two patchbays ?

I know this is a bit confusing but I think you understood the idea :email:

Peace and congrats :’)