Connecting faderfox ec4 to control digitakt and hardware synth

Hi guys. This is my first post as I have recently bought a digitakt together with a faderfox ec4. I have been scratching my head however how I could set them up. I want my faderfox to control the digitakt as well as all my hardware synth. So I connect my faderfox to digitakt in, then digitakt out to a midi thru box to all my hardware synths. I could use my digitakt to send midi cc to the synth but I can’t do that with my faderfox. As expected, there’s no issue for the faderfox to control the digitakt with the midi 1-8 channels.

Is digitakt possible to ‘bypass’ the midi signal on midi channel 9-16 so I could control my hardware synth with my faderfox at the same time?

Thank you in advance!

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As you have found, there is a small problem if you want both Digitakt and EC4 to control your gear if you use the configuration you described.

However, if you connect:

  • Digitakt Out to EC4 In
  • EC4 Out to MIDI Thru box
  • MIDI Thru box to Digitakt In

and use the EC4’s MIDI merging functions then you will be able to do exactly what you want. You will need to assign the MIDI channels for all your gear with care.


Thank you so much! This midi thing is really testing my intelligence

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I’m setting up a similar configuration for my EC4, EC4 goes to OT midi in, then I use a Midi Solutions Merge to combine the midi out and thru from the OT to send downstream.
The Merge has 2 outputs so I can set up 2 downstream chains and control anything there with the EC4, as well as the OT.
Once that’s out of the way, the hard part will be deciding how to assign the EC4!