Connection help needed!

Ok so , the more we spend in the studio the more good things musically we can make but sometimes as we dont change our setup, when we want to go back and setup all things diferent it can be painfull.

I did a lot of tracks with my actual setup but since i ve been buying and selling stuff i want to make some changes.

I bought a Kordbot to make some nice chords and a midi Arturia Keystep and i want them to play all intruments i have in my setup so i need some help to connect all this midi stuff and be able to play midi notes from this 2 keyboards and from octatrack too

So, this is how i have things connected now :slight_smile:

Ableton is my Master clock, sends to a midi interface (M-audio 2 midi ins, outs) to Octatrack midi IN.
Octa midi Out to midi IN Kenton 5 midi Thru.
Kenton midi Thru outs to : old Korg, mu Orbit 9090 , Monomachine, A4 and Digitakt
Octa midi OUT to Beatstep midi IN , then Beatstep to my Modular
M audio midi interfac is connected to my USB hub in a MAC

Can i connect this the way i want , maybe also play some VSTs with the Keystep and the Kordbot ?
I know i could connect the Keystep in Octa MIDI IN but ill be loosing the MIDI CLOCK

Not necessarily, you can go MIDI CLOCK into Keystep’s MIDI IN, then Keystep MIDI OUT into OT MIDI In.

Then you just have to set the clock source on your Keystep via the dipswitches in the back.

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Ahh manny thanks !! will try for sure