Control AB/CD DIR via MIDI messages?

Hi all - I have my LaunchControl XL mapped to control track levels of all 8 audio tracks (via USB MIDI host) and working great. I would like to do the same with the AB/CD DIR levels to use OT as mixer without using Thru tracks and avoid having to jump to the Mixer page all the time. Is this possible by MIDI? All I can find in the manual is “Pickup SRC AB [or CD] level” which is not quite what I’m looking for.

Really hoping this is possible and I missed it somehow. I would prefer not to give up multiple tracks for external gear.

Not directly.

You could use one or more Scenes to set minimum and maximum DIR levels and then control levels using the CCs for the crossfader and Scene selection.


Ah got it. Thanks for the info. Wish all the params on the Mixer menu were MIDI accessible! In the meantime, will find another way around. I have been playing live for a while with an external mixer but have been trying to go as minimal as possible with gear to pack and take on trains/planes.