Control ext synth thru Octa, local off, with ext synths keyboard

Octa-question, I can get the trigs on chromatic to play an external synth(SY99) connected to the midi in/out of the Octa, but I can’t seem to get the external keyboard on the SY to do the same(local is off on the SY). Is there some trick to change the trigmode on an external midi-controller and set that to chromatic too? Now it just plays the sample-side of the Octa or at least sends controls like its not on chromatic… (transport etc)

Basically i want to play the SY keyboard, record that on the midi-side of Octa, and after that sample the SY on the audio side of things.

This guy seems to be able to do it, play the ext synth with both the trig keys and the keys on the synth itself, and both are chromatically recognized by the ot. How the hell…

Set keyboard transmit channel to auto channel of the OT(default is 11?). So the masterkeyboard used has to have the option to set a transmit channel. Awesome, and I should’ve known, which is prob why I found it in the end.

Nothing to see here folks, move along!