Controlling AR through midi, and which AR should I get?

Hey everybody! First post. Glad to be here.

In looking for a drum machine to add to my setup, I think I’ve fallen in love with the AR. I want to play at least some percussion live with sticks, just for stage presence, but I only want to use the sounds from the AR. I was going to sell my old Roland SPD-S (not SX) and my first-gen Yamaha DTXpress with pads, but it occurred to me that I might be able to use some of that to trigger the AR over midi. No reason to buy something else if I already have the tools. Would these work or do I need to get something else? Other suggestions?

Also, I can’t decide on mk1 or mk2. Mk1 prices are still really high, and I can get a brand new mk2 for about $300 more than a used mk1. Which would you get?

Other suggestions are welcome.


hi, welcome to the community!

if your pad controller can send midi out if you hit a pad and has din midi out port, you can connect it to rytm midi in and trigger the rytm on different channels for each sound… so this is possible :slight_smile:

for differences betwen mk1 and mk2 it comes down to physical size, sampling on rytm itself and quick performance knob, for me at least… you should find info on here already, regarding the dfferences, so please use the search for that…

I have rytm mk1 and am happy with it. have not tried the mk2…

I used to trigger my Rytm with the SPD-S for live use, you simply need to set each pad to the lowest midi notes and you’re good to go!

Yeah I’ve been reading about both for a while now, but I’m not sure how the differences would feel in practice. Especially never having used either. I like the idea of the performance knob for sure.

Awesome, good to know. Do you use something different now?

the idea of a performance knob is nice indeed. so nice I have 12 performance knobs via a simple small midi controller :slight_smile: which I can use for other stuff too. +1 for the mk1 :smiley:

Nice! So you aren’t bothered by the method of uploading samples over midi? It it really that big of a deal?

the mk1 works perfectly well with the transfer app. I never noticed if it is any slower than the digitakt (which probably is the same as the AR mk2). might be, but it is fast enough

Nope still love the combo, just a lack of shows brought on by these crazy times.

if you dont need sampling on the fly, i would go mk1… as others said, uploading samples / managing folders is drag n drop, very easy…

but if you have the money and need some of the mk2 upgrades, it could also make sense, only you can tell…

for example, if you have bad eyesight, better display is good…

workflow/function/soundwise there is only a small difference, i guess