Convolution Machine?

How cool would it be if the OT had a Convolution Machine?

Check this video out why:

I don’t know if the OT has the DSP power to do that. On the other hand why not a hardware upgrade like they did with the Machinedrum UW.

Also interesting to add some hardware for Overbridge!

Wow, that stuff sounds amazing. Convolution reverb would be awesome in the OT.

Those sounds are amazing because the IR (impulse response) are really beautifully crafted by Diego Stocco (check him out and his inspiring work).

A convolution reverb would be reaaaly awesome on OT (having the opportunity to use as IR any file in the Audio folder…maybe less than 1MB…enough for a convolution response)

But we can just hope…even if i believe (as wrote above) there is not enough DSP power. (maybe a RAM re-allocation system?)

[hope some more knowledged guys can confirm or not this above sentence]

anyway…convolution can sound really crap…since it is a blend with something else…it’s easy to mess up with pimento and salt

it takes 2+ tracks, but you can get similar sounds by using a combination of filters and eq before and/or after a reverb, resampled and running in parallel to the original sound. it’d be easier if neighbor tracks amps worked though…

like a kill eq to isolate a narrow band and then the 2 filters to move around. wish we could put the power hungry effect in the 1st slot too… :slight_smile:

the nice thing about algorithmic reverbs and filters is they are mutable in real time so you can use an lfo or parameter lock them and make it sound like way more than 2 tracks.

it’d definitely be cool to have some more unreal or unusual reverbs though. ( i actually like the plate a lot. :slight_smile: ) i haven’t really heard the spring get very springy, they can be much wetter and metally sounding. it’d be cool to have a couple (or a bunch!) more than the 3 steps on it. :slight_smile:

oh and using another 2 tracks + spatializer is nice too…

Interesting SonicState podcast with Diego Stocco about Rhythmic Convolutions:

^ nice thanks for sharing!