Copy Arrangement to Another Project

Could anyone please tell me the best way to copy a bank (midi data only) and an arrangement from one project to another?


Each bank is actually a separate file in the project directory. I do it by connecting the OT is USB disk mode, making a copy of the destination project I want to copy the bank to, then copying the file that corresponds to that bank into the destination project, overwriting the file that’s already in there (again, make copies first, just in case you overwrite the wrong thing!). You can rename the file if you want to copy it to a different bank number in the destination folder. This will copy the whole bank, MIDI and audio tracks, but after you open the destination project in the OT you can manually delete or copy and paste individual patterns or tracks or whatever as needed.

Sorry to keep the description so general, I don’t have the OT in front of me and I’d rather give not enough detail than incorrect detail.

Or if you have the money, get OctaEdit. I can’t afford it but if I could I would definitely grab it, it looks really useful.

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Thanks for the detailed reply. I don’t think this would copy the arrangement though, would it?

Hi, I just figured this out myself and though I’d share to you and others who might need it.
If you are in the Arranger “selection” window (edit, change, etc…) go to “change” and then highlight the arrangement you want to move. Then hold “Function” and press “Copy.”
From there, load up your destination Project and go to it’s Arrange/Change window, highlight a slot and “Func” and “Paste.”
And Bob’s your uncle.