Copy pattern(-settings) to another pattern

very new to the digitakt and after having found this post, i’d like to do the following:

  1. i am sequencing a track on the DT externally (via incoming midi notes).
  2. i am trying to copy an empty pattern (1) (no trigs!) within this track to another pattern (2), which seems to work (see quote above). the pattern (1) is empty, because i am not using the internal sequencer (see 1.)
  3. yet, i would like to
    a) copy all sound- and sample-settings from pattern (1) to pattern (2)
    b) make edits to this pattern (2) while still sequencing/playing the original pattern (1)
    c) switch to the new pattern (2) after all my desired (sound-)edits have been made

is this the wrong way to approach what i am trying to do?

in a nutshell:
basically i’m using the DT just as an external sampler (not as a sequencer). i want to be able to edit a sample / track that is played without these edits to be audible. after i’ve finished my edits, i want to switch to them… basically like a (new) preset on a track, deriving from an old preset (on the same track)

The only way to do what you want is to prepare the second pattern beforehand. No way on the digi-boxes to edit patterns besides the currently playing one. Some people get around this by having two digitakts (watch Dave Mech, hes a frequent forum poster and seems to be having great success juggling between two digitakts).