Copy Samples from Project to Project

Hi Elektronauts,
in the last Month I worked with some Kits and Samples under the Preset-Project. The first Project from the Rytm that has the Kits and Samples inside. Now I like to Start with a new Project and I realized that all the Factory-Samples are not included. There are more or less 120 Samples.
I know the Samples are just in the First Project.

Is it possible to Copy all the Factory Samples to my New Project in a few Steps?? I mean all the 120 different Samples or I have to chose one by one??


Maybe it’s time to watch this.
Learn to know your AR. :slight_smile:

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Thanks bassmaster. I know this Video and already took some knowledge about.

To be honest, for me it is still not clear how I can copy the hole “Sample-Package” from
one Project to another Project.

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you can simply put your samples into the new project by searching them in the sample menu…use the arrow buttons to get access to the left and right sub menus.

The videos show it all, watch them again and take notes if you can’t remember.
Also… RTFM :wink: