Copy Track/Pattern From One Project To Another?

Hello all,

As I’m still learning the in and outs of the A4, I come to a bit of a dilemma. As I’ve been figuring out the structure of the system and backed myself in a corner. I have a track and its pattern in one project that I would like to move to another that already has several patterns. I want to make this move in order to keep in the set we’re working on.

Is it possible to do this… copy a track and it’s pattern over to another project?

Thanks for any insight.

You can export a pattern and its kit as sysex with C6, which works well enough for me. In this way I’ve been able to save my favourite patterns from several projects and consolidate them into one lean, mean, not-so-much-filler, ass-kicking project. I did that shortly before abandoning the A4’s internal sequencer in favour of a more potent dedicated sequencer, but that’s me all over. Each time I find a way to work with any piece of Elektron kit, I change my mind a few months later and start again in a new direction… :slight_smile:

I need to check out c6. This is exactly the situation I’m in on my Octatrack after 6 months of random jams while learning it in snatched hour here/there. Need to buy octaedit software to bring all the good stuff together. Bummer that the a4/ak is equally unhelpful with that side of things cos I’ll probably get in exactly the same situation again now that I just bought one :confused:

EDIT - is it not possible in overbridge? Haven’t reached checking that out yet.

Yeah, Overbridge has lots of help in that direction. I’m more of a hardware guy though so have only explored it briefly.

Actually I think A4 is much easier than the Octatrack. Granted I’ve lost work in both but the A4 is slightly more logical, if still occasionally obtuse.

Copy the pattern or track > Close the project > open the project you want to copy into > pick an empty pattern ( if you wanna copy the whole pattern ) or open the pattern you wanna paste the track into > Paste > Done .
You can only do this with 1 pattern - track - sound or anything else you can copy ( wich is as good as everything ) at once. So tho copy a chain of patterns you have to jump projects as many times as the N° of patterns you want to transfer.
Hope it’s explained clear, if not ask me,…Ciao V.


Thanks for the advice, guys. Vos, I tried that exact procedure and it didn’t work for me. I may not have performed the paste correctly, so I’ll give it another try. I was hoping that method would work as I’m not overly versed with doing sysex stuff.

Thanks again and I appreciate this forum. I’ve only been working with the A4 for about 5 months and I’m really loving the Elektron units. I just ordered Machinedrum UW and super excited to get started with that.

The object you copy ( let’s say track ) can only be pasted in 1 correct way > when you copy a track , the reck-button is highlited > when you paste this button has to be highlited to - same go’s for anything you copy > you have to paste in the same mode where you where in when copying.