Copy tracks with all parameters

For my upcoming liveset I want to arrange all my tracks. Is it possible to copy, for example track 4 to track 1 with all the parameters, sounds and patterns?

Yes it’s the default behavior :slight_smile:

  • go to the pattern you want to copy
  • save the Kit
  • copy the pattern (light above red rec button unlit)
  • select the destination pattern
  • paste the pattern on the new place

You might want to save the Kit to a new name to make sure the tweaking of the previous pattern kit won’t affect the new one.

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I think something maybe got lost in translation there, the question is surely ‘within’ pattern copying

If you want Track 4 copied to Track 1 then in Step Mode { Rec lit steady }
(Hold) Track4 button and press Copy[Rec], then Press (hold) Track1 and press Paste[Stop]

Edit: ^incomplete, see below

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I get it know ! Indeed @avantronica :smiley:

[ignorant speaking ?]
Then it’s a “no” : you have to copy/paste the track Sound (hold Track button and press copy) then the track Pattern (regular copy with rec button lit).
You can’t do both at the same time…

Unsure of your statement, @avantronica… Have to test your way !
[/ignorant speaking ?]


Yes, you can.

Like this:

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Good to know, than you for confirming @rikrak !!
I’ll test this ASAP !

Yeah - I definitely overlooked the need to copy the track info too, I only specified a sound copy action , doh ! you need to throw in a Fn+Copy etc too

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Ah. Me too. In my defense, my A4 is packed away to be sold.

When I try this it only copy the sound not the pattern. I do the following:
Hold track3 -> Press Function + Copy -> Select track1 -> Press Function Paste

Any idea’s?

You’ve slightly misread what was badly explained above

To copy Sound : Track + Copy then Track + Paste

To copy Track : Fn + Copy then Fn + Paste (whilst in step mode)


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Looks like you must copy the sound and the track. I thought this can be done at once.

I’m afraid not, despite what was mentioned above !

Still have a little confusion about this.

What is the difference in parameters when I copy a sound or copy the track?

The Sound is part of the Kit and it pertains to how something sounds
The Track is part of the pattern (and whilst it may contain sound locks, i.e. sound references as a form of parameter locks) and it will generally contain variations of the sound including note variations, durations … but it is built upon (and generally uses) the underlying Sound


Thanks! :slight_smile: