Correct me if I'm wrong

you have a song every things ok

you save !

after that say on track one you change the sound for another
10 minutes later
the sound finaly isnt make it, so you want the precedent

but you dont remerber what was the previous sound

SO one solution

function / mixer / Change / your projet

right or not ?

and then the precedent version with the old sample is there
(if you didnt save since)

on my OT when I

function / mixer / Change / my projet

the new sample is still there with my latest manipulations after the save ( sic

This doesn’t sound right. Perhaps try the reload bank function instead?

Instead of change project, and click the project you’re already using you should choose “reload project” in the mixer menu. Should work.

But if you have the PART saved is it not better to reload the PART? So playback,also, will not stop…

:+1: for this type of case.

if you mean a sample you’ve recorded, that will not automatically save/reload with a project. you have to save the contents of recorder buffers manually. the sample memory is separate from the project data on your cf card, so no matter project you load, whatever you have presently recorded into the buffers will be the same.

press “SAVE”

write the datas on the card from buffer I read in the manual

There are different types of “save” in the manual, which one are you referring to?
See page 105 in manual…


yeah… sorry taiga but that’s just not the way it works. many of us would like to see more streamlined sample saving and management features.

Yeah, no,everything you change in tour project is instantly saved (even when the power is cut off) (apart from samples youve recorded in and not saved)

and when you change project your current project is saved again before the change
so that doesnt work

as mentioned, saving your part and reloading the part might work

or in the project menu use SAVE, and then when needed RELOAD

Reload does the same problem

Im refering to the manip at the begining of the manual
functiion / mixer / SAVE

“everything you change in tour project is instantly saved”
so why I do not find what is suposed to be saved 1 minute ago ?!!!

I wondered if it was a malfunction of my Unit
If you experience the same things or near from time to time