Could firmware bring a compressor to the heat?

Is it possible to make the analog heat capable of real compression, through a firmware update? I know I can already use the envelope follower to mimic it, but I would like the real thing.

I know they did it for the Digitakt.

Depends if the Heat has enough processing capacity left for that feature to be added.

I am actually suprised the Heat doesn’t have it.

It’d be something eh? I’ve longed for an envelope follower on the OT using the same rationale (it has a compressor, so the tech must already be in the box, right?)

I don‘t have the heat and don’t know how its envelopes run, but what would be the difference to a dedicated compressor?


If I’m not mistaken, the signal path in the Analog Heat is entirely analog, so there isn’t a way to add a compressor without doing an AD conversion and doing the compressor digitally. I know the converters exist within the unit, but the device has analog in the name, and I’m not sure they would add a AD/DA conversion just to do a compressor, even if that would be super useful, as it’s not really in the spirit of the unit.

The DT is already all digital, so adding the compressor via firmware seems like a much smaller task.


agree with @abferry
Don’t think it’s the plan of making a compressor in the Heat. Look like too much work for a unit that are drive processor.
If I remember well, the enveloppe folower work well to make the compression.

They have all the parts of a compressor in the Heat allready. They would only need to change the values presented around the envelope follower. A cool bonus is that since the sidechain signal is digital it could emulate different styles of compression. I think there is a pretty high end compressor that does this.


I’m not 100% sure of whats there’s but you could probably fake one, ease of use, though, would probably be the main difference.

I’ll have a look at the manual later, I’m a compressor nerd, depends of the sensitivety of the envelope and how you can alter a/r to what you might be able to fake.

I wonder, is there a box anywhere that does different comp models (Digi) but with some nice analog enhancements? That’s the majority of what’s missing these days from the best digital clones.

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This is an analog compressor, but the sidechain is prosessed digital. So it reshapes it to emulate different compressor types. Looks awesome. But at a cost.

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Thank you. £3,000~ Is a fair amount yes :slight_smile: But then to buy even x2 API 525’s and a case is nearly the same price.

Maybe Elektron should do something along these lines? Maybe some EQ/Comp like a multitrack channel strip type deal. I don’t know if you remember LiquidMix, but like that, now overbridge is working well that could be amazing. 8/16 Channels in Digi’ format, surely that would sell like crazy.

Theoretically they could do the same kind of emulations on the Heat. They need to change the parameters and such on the envelope follower. It already does compression, but you dont have attack and release in ms. Or a way to monitor gain reduction.

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Not sure I get you. Analog Rytm mkii is also analog, but has a compressor. Why would the analog part be a bottleneck?

You can’t add new analog circuits via a firmware update :slight_smile:


I think the idea is the Rytm is designed from the get go to have an analog compressor on the end, you would need to add hardware to the heat for that. The digitakt got a digital compressor added in but it has a dsp based signal flow where the heat I dont believe has any dsp in its signal flow so probably no real option for a digital one. (For similar reasons the digitakt can’t use the compressor on audio input only samples being played back based on signal flow)

The controls are digital and considering it can already fake a compressor they could probably make an alternative control scheme to make it easier to work with it as a compressor but it still might lack some features of a full blown compressor. Probably not worth elektrons time unless they really could do it proper.


here’s your answer:


I thought the heat was a compressor until about 2 minutes ago.


I had to reverse image search it. No prices, but I see the delay is 437e. It looks pretty good, can do reverse compression and sort of limiting. Same company that did the Biscuit.

My worry is this Kompressor is not good for dance music.

Kompressor does not dance.

Heat can dance tho! :slight_smile:

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No need for a reverse image search, the image URL says what it is :slight_smile: 2017/09/boum2020_cam01_V01-600x550.jpg

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yeah, sorry. I was just being a smart ass and kinda figured most would know what it was.

I have both it and the Heat. both are awesome! but yeah, different boxes… if you’re after a distorted/compressed sound the BOUM is your box. SUPER fun with the M:C too :+1: