Could less FX options make room for coding cooler stuff?

I don’t own any Elektron gear. I don’t know how to code, nor do I know if this is feasible.
The OT MKII Black is the only gear I may get one day.

Anyway, when I watch Youtubers and their OT they seem to skip most of the FX in the machine. Maybe MrDataline is using or used all of them at least once? Personally, and just by watching Youtube, Dark Reverb sounds fantastic, like an classic algorithmic reverb. The reverb in the newest box sounds like a convolution, but I could be wrong.

Yes, the OT is ‘old’, but so was my RME Multiface 1 from 2003. Same USB 2.0, but could manage an insane number of audio I/Os with zero latency. Look it up. Maybe Elektron could license that ‘old tech’ and implement it?

As a community, if you had to vote out the FX you never use to better your OT, what would those be for OS 2.0?

Off topic: this forum, the way it is designed, is lovely.


The FX are often used in the resampling process. I’m not really sure any of them merit eliminating, but I think I use the DJ equalizer, equalizer, or spatializer FX nearly as often as the rest.

I have a feeling if we ever see a big update to the OT, I suspect we will see a larger assortment of FX with better visualization of what any given algorithm does.

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Not with the USB tech on the board which only caters for mounting the CF card

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It is not just the software, but the hardware too. I did not think about that.

It’s been discussed a lot here. The USB hardware is apparently just a CF card reader. You can’t turn a CF card reader into an audio interface with a software update.

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I am late to the party. Now I know.

I actually use all of the effects, some more often as others, sure, but I´d certainly miss them. Having this pretty good collection of standard effects on the OT, even if some need a little help in certain cases (lfo modulation on flanger, phaser and chorus and stuff like that) it´s great to have them all in this box!

Getting rid of some of them would also introduce the need for a legacy mode in case you wanted to load projects that contain effects that aren´t available anymore.
Even if this legacy mode would automatically load with “legacy projects”, it would further complicate things as you´d have to plan beforehand (what if I want my spring reverb, spatializer etc.?) or there needs to some kind of conversion betweenn “legacy” and “new mode”.

Also OT can be used with external effects even without a mixer (cue outs function as send, inputs as return, cue level is your effects send control).


Make your own fx with OT and its realtime sampling / mangling abilities! 8 recorders.
Multi resampling, feedback loop, exterme timestrech, granular…


Get the OT for what it is, but not for what it could be one day.
Thanks for all the replies.


They actually dropped an update a few months ago that was pretty decent (and took everyone by complete surprise). It had to do with the 10 year anniversary of the OT. That said, I don’t think another big update will be coming for a long time. Elektron used to be very generous with software updates for the Monomachine and MachineDrum but that was 10-12 years ago and I don’t think that “business model” works for them any more. Understandably.

Anyway “thanks for watching the History Channel” haha. :slight_smile: But back to your point, I would vote off the Spring Reverb for sure. Never used it except once and thought it would be great for rockabilly if I was doing that.

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One vote for the Spring Reverb :slight_smile:

Talking about the History Channel, when you watch the Hector videos (Analog Four and Octatrack mini movies) again in 2021, it is kind of spooky.

No getting rid of FX allowed

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Beyond personal taste for FX, backward compatibility with older projects was a very logical point I didn’t think of.

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Well if I ever do a Octatrack remake of Folsom Prison Blues, I’ll post it here with plenty of Spring Reverb. :rofl:

Ok now you all got me spring reverb rolling. :slight_smile:

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Teri Garr, according to the comment section. But back to the OT :slight_smile:

I’ve read thru most threads. The machine sounds great, the effects are great. Watch out for time stretch mode by default. Screen could be bigger. I suspect the next model will be like two Digitakt stitched together, but with white instead of yellow for the screen.

The Polyend Tracker has an old school way of creating stems. It will solo each track and render them one by one. I wonder if this could be a solution for people wanting OB for their OT.