Could somebody run a snippet of my track through their heat?

hey peops,
I have been eyeing the heat for quite a while now. Other things were more important purchase wise, so it was on hold. I have watched alot of videos, but using stuff on your own material is the only way to really see if something is for you.

Thats why I wanted to ask if somebody could run something like a 32 bar part of a track of mine through their heat? That way I could get a feeling of what it brings. Wouldn#t have to be perfect, just something that “speaks”.

What I am thinking of is subtle saturation, generell warm up of course, but I want to see if it warms up the low end. I probably also would high pass with a slight Q bump to clean up.

If somebody would be willing to do this, the question would be at what stage on the master chain I would need to render (before/after compression - MBCompression and so on).

At the moment I use Trash2 for this and produch house/techno. Want to see if this would add for me.

Would appreciate. Regards!


Hey there!
This sounds like fun experimentation. Put it on soundcloud for d/l or send me a link to the sendspace, Google Drive etc.


Cool! Will do that tonight. At which point in the master chain should I render? Right before the limiting?

Thanks already! I’ll send you a link to the file tonight

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that is super idea! we should do that more often, help eachother out with testing gear :slight_smile: sounds like fun


I’m up for it as well! Love my Heat on the Master. It lives there. hehe.


I like that idea too. It’s always different hearing your own material through gear.


For this kind of experiments I wanted to setup a simple server where people could upload samples to process them through my Analog Heat. I’ll try that tonight!


Yes, I think so. That said, I think any thing will be ok. I saw a guy who got his tunes back from the mastering engineer and revisited them sometime later and ran them through various pieces. I wouldn’t worry too much. Let’s just see what happens with the material.

That said, it is a bit of a double edged sword.

As a rule of thumb, if it’s brick walled then there will be little to no headroom. This won’t give the Heat much room to do its “thang” my man! :wink:

If I were you, I’d leave as many dynamics in as possible; not just because I love looking at those fishtails!


Depends on what you want the Heat to do. Subtle warming, or full on “mastering”. But i think before limiting and heavy compression would be best. I like how a dynamic signal is processed in the Heat.

I recently tried sending an all analog mix into the Heat, and using it as the only thing in the mastering chain. I managed to get the song up to -14 LUFS, and -1 db peak without any other plugins or compressors.


Here is the link to a part of the track. I picked a clip with different parts. I think that way we can hear the most.

Lets see what the heat does with it. Im really looking forward to it.

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Why not export from as many positions in the chain as possible. Compare all the results

Would be interesting. But it would mean more work for the people doing it and I just want to see what the heat brings to the table for my way of production.

On a side note. If anybody wants to hear the strymon deco on some material, I can do that. Probably best to create a different thread for that.

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Maybe once this is done, we can post a before and after to listen to the differences? Would be “very nice” (Borat Voice)

Man, I am in the throws of wanting a Strymon Deco BADLY, I just don’t know if it would do anything that Trash, Ableton’s Saturator or other plugins couldn’t do.

Are you wanting a heat to improve upon what the Deco is doing? I feel like Deco would do wonders for me (probably going to individually run my synths through it and multi-track) but thinking could just be GAS.

I don’t really use deco on my master. So no, the heat would not be a replacement. Deco is an animal for other things. At least for me. On the other hand, I should give it a whirl on the master again.

I love deco on individual tracks, and especially for widening.


Just about to start work. I’ll try as soon as I can. I have a 3 day weekend :wink:


Thomaso sent me an example of a way one can run the stuff through the heat.

and the before:

clean boost setting, pushed a little bit
a little EQ
synced sine LFO to boost the bass
internal ENV as a compressor

what I heard after first hearing:
nice compression. I hear some added depth, especially in the midrange. the highs seem pleasantly tamed.
I really like what I am hearing here. I think this would pretty much be how I would use the unit.

but maybe somebody has a different take, a different flavor.

thank you thomaso for doing this!


You should add the “before heat” to your post, so it is easier to do an A/B comparison. :slight_smile:

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you are right. done

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