Couple of new-owner questions

Hi. I just got my AR yesteday and have a ferw questions AFTER reading the manual :slight_smile:

  1. Cromatic mode always seem to have SAMPLE only settings as default. Feels like I go into Sound settings every time to change it for syn+samp

Some one have a good video tutorial on how to install your own samples and kits?

After screwing around with all settings sends, filters amps and synths, which it the best way to restore those settings on each track. Restore to default?

  1. They’ve probably set it that way because they know in chromatic mode the synth pitches are all off.

But yeah I personally don’t know of any global setting to do this. Which doesn’t mean there isn’t any. It would be cool too to always have the sample level turned up as I get really excited to play a new sample, go to select it, and realize that the level is off. But maybe that’s a setting I should make for my global brain.

  1. What do you mean by install? Save and recall?

  2. Yeah you can reload the kit or if you wanted to do it individually you can hit the individual menu plus PLAY (clear). For example SAMPLE + PLAY will clear just the sample parameters.

Thanks for the answer.

With load samples i mean that i have a couple of sample packs from Loopmasters from which i would like to load the percussive and fx 1 shot samples. I also would like to upload a couple of longer home made atmospheric loops. Looks like there are banks from A-P with 256 slots in each. Is that the +Drive? Is that where i upload the samples?

No that’s not how it works. The A-P banks is the pattern banks of the sequencer for the currently active project.

You upload the samples to the +Drive. The +Drive can hold 1 gigabyte of samples. Then you load the sample(s) you want to use in your project to the project ram memory from the +Drive. The project ram can hold 128 samples and the total size of this memory is 68 megabyts (or something like that.) Then, on a track, for example the bd1, if you double-tap the “sample” page to assign a sample from the project ram to this track.

So the 128 kits you can have in a project all share the same project ram.

The learning curve on the Analog Rytm (and the Analog Four) is kind of steep but once you learn the workflow it’s great.

Check out the home page of this site and look at the news about the new 808 pack from elektron. There is a step by step video that shows you how to load in the 808 sample pack, or any samples for that matter.

Thank you that was a good explanatory video, here is the link for those who do not want to search for it

Also another thing i thought of that i dont seem to get, Is there a way to preview the samples in the global>Samples menu before sending them off to a project. Cant find a way to do that?

Sorry for the new question above. The answer was in the manual (of course)
Previewing a sample done by bressing FUNCTION+YES