Creating "kits" for the Sounds only

Hi there,

First off I know there are other ways to do this, I’m going to work on it later, for now I just need to get this working.

Sending four channels of MIDI from Ableton. I am using a new kit for each “song” (not actually using the Song function on the A4, just naming kits after the song I need them for).

The idea is to have all my sounds open identically each time. I use the same sounds in different kits. I just want to load a kit and know it will be the same four sounds each time.

What is the best way to do this?

Thanks, don’t hate me for wasting the features built-in because I plan on getting there.

If you’re using the same sounds, why not just keep it on the same kit? If you live-tweak the kit, just hold No/Reload + Kit and it goes back to being the initial kit sounds as saved.

Are you saving the kits your working with? If so just load the one you like when you start a new song. You could always name one default and save it to a early slot so it’s easy to get to.

I’m saving kits as I go along, but it seems like my sounds change sometimes when I load the kits up again.

Is there any way that could happen? I don’t understand how the patches are saved. If I’m using the same sound in two kits, will it revert to it’s respective setting in each kit, or save the edits made between kits?

The sounds should load exactly as they were when the kit was last saved.
If Kit 1 and Kit 2 both contain Lead 3 and the Lead 3 in Kit 1 is edited and that KIT (not sound) is saved then, from now on, Kit 1 will load with the edited version of Lead 3 and Kit 2 will load with the original, unedited, version of Lead 3.

Just spotted in this thread about putting in a lock to ensure the kit is saved to the pattern. Maybe this will help. Not come across this solution before myself but I had similar issues recently so will give this a try when I get a chance.

which also has a link to