Cross-fades/Auto-fade for smooth sampling? (remove pops/clicks?)

Is there a cross-fade or auto-fade function to smooth out the pops and clicks on samples?


i’ll often tweak the attack on the amp if i’m doing glitchy random stuff
but for looping something its only start/end/loop point, no fade, maybe its best to do it in soundforge/daw then use that.

or grab an old sampler for under £100 that can probably do it… (not a drum sampler like mpc , one like emu/yamaha and other akai)


That’s what I thought, but I still dig the Digitakt :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there any chance that this will be improved in software upgrades? This would make the digitakt a lot more attractive.

I think never honestly. Perhaps Elektron’s thinking is that’s what the OT is for, but I don’t know. The OP-1 did implement auto fades after a few years of it being in circulation. It could happen! Maybe it can with Overbridge when that comes out.

There’s definitely a “fade” setting for samples when you adjust the envolpe settings in the amp page … i had to reverse find this as a heap of my samples were fading as I was sequencing them when I wanted them to be looping and not fading :wink:

The Octatrack does a terrible job at this too. Even Digitone suffers from “clicks”, although for different reasons. Maybe Elektron is worried their products won’t click with audiences. :rofl: Sorry