Cult of sp samplepack

hey dudes. first of all, english is my first an only language but im mega shit at trying to explain things so please bare with me.
i just thought i would tell yous that i purchased the cult of sp1200 soundpack off the elektron website. i purchased it because i liked the youtube video ad for it, the sounds were cool.

here are some things i learned from it i thought i could share with yous. the pack uses all 128 flex sample slots no statics slots are used, side note dataline mentioned on a recent reddit ama that he uses mainly static machines to save ram for sampling i have also started favouring static machines an have not noticed any downsides.
the samples used in the soundpack are so small in size that with 128 samples there is still 61mbs of ram left, even with a bunch of chord an keys samples.
there was eye opening use of sample layering for example 2 tracks were quite similar, using different sample locks an plocking the tune parameter to give kicks (one was actually a tuned down tom drum another a chord stab) some nice low end plus boosting the lowend with the dj eq effect. what i took from that was heavy use of sample locking on at least 2 tracks to layer both kicks an snare/claps, even boosting the bass on chord stabs to help the bass kick.
the scenes seamed to focus more on effect fills which i tried to dissect as much a possible to better understand an create my own scenes, stuff like short amp settings an high retrig an rtime setting.
anyways i cant think anythink else right now that i have learnt from the soundpack but i hope maybe some of you will find this useful.

i always thought the sample packs were just mp3’s or wav’s … interesting to hear that from you! … thanks!

Yup! The sample packs are great, especially Goldbaby’s. There’s a lot to learn for your own production.

I stopped using Flex machines a while ago. For the same reasons you mentioned. Sometimes I just want to record my whole track to the OT.

To me, this is one of the main points of these packs. The users can learn or be inspired by the programming.

Yes, i prefer to use static machines so that the flex memory is empty for sampling. I am not sure why flex was used for this pack though… But they are very small so you can still sample into it :slight_smile:

That is by default. In the project settings you have in depth control on how to handle the memory.