CV/Gate cables for Vermona Perfourmer Mk2

Hi. I have never messed with the dark art of cv/gate beyond novice dabbling! Now, with the Vermona to compliment my A4, I’m wondering how to sequence the Vermona via the A4 CV channel. Using all four Vermona VCOs sometimes! Looks like the credit card is going to be busy again, (hopefully not over exerted!) Can someone please tell me what cables will get me the two stereo A4 CV into my four Vermona (1V) CV channels plus four Gate jack sockets, most productively?

I’m guessing it will be two stereo jacks, split into four mono jack cables. Unless someone thinks otherwise…? I was not planning on getting a soldering iron :sunglasses: But, I’m not sure where I’ll get the cables I need in any store in London? Even tho the streets are paved with gold credit cards!

I will be using my iPad to midi sequence the Vermona and feeding that through ext in on the A4 for now. Till I can fork out for a mixer. Any tips on how to integrate the ‘two beasts’ are much appreciated!

Here is my bible for now, anyhow :wink:

Any music store will have ordinary insert cables for sale, 1/4" Stereo to Dual 1/4" Mono. You will want two of them.

I currently make these high quality types:
with 1/8" minijacks and 1/4" jacks

PM me if you want to purchase the 1/4" to Dual 1/4" type you require for the Vermona, I sell these also.

Also see

BTW adaptors suck. Only use them if you are completely skint or you don’t care if it fails after a couple of weeks!

In terms of what you can do with the Vermona CV Gate ins, not much you can’t do with midi but you can at least control 1 X 4 voices (unison) 2 X 2 voices (Dual) or 2 + 2 note and pitch using the A4 cv gate tracks. Perhaps the other two with midi in this case?


Thanks for the swift reply. So there is no logic to getting/making stereo to four mono jacks? My monkey logic sees that there only 2 voltages being sent from each of the stereo A4 jacks? But, wants to use all of the 4CV & 4Gates on the Vermona! Hmmm, better start reading that CV bible :sunglasses: Cheers!

well, it’s not usual! but you can make them… they will work but you may need to adjust CV scaling in the A4 cv settings to account for the voltage drop when splitting one cv into four or even one into two etc…

gate should not be a problem to split

this will give you unison mode or dual voices

is this what you want?

i thought the vermona had selectable voice assignments but perhaps thats just through midi?

You are right, it does have voice assignments. I think I was trying to extract more options when actually they might not be there in the A4. I better study some more. Thanks!