CV/Gate Out leads to Oscillator Drift on the ARP Odyssey

Hey guys,

first contact with CV/Gate on my side here. Works so far; interestingly i did not even had to tune the Korg ARP Odyssey, it worked fine right out of the Box. But i get Oscillator Drift which is unnatural since the Odyssey doesnt have this by default. It sounds like PWM, for both Waves - Square AND Sawtooth ^^

How can i get rid of that? Why is this happening? Im using Pitch V/Oct and Gate with a Level of 5V. The Standard so to say.

Hope you guys can help me!


Ok, i think it has to do with the Odyssey. Noodle’d around more and got it stable as i switched CV from the Tip to the Ring and Gate from the Ring to the Tip ^^

Now - interestingly - i can switch it the other way around (CV on the Tip and Gate on the Ring) and it stays stable anyway. Strange.

Has to do with the Odyssey as it seems. Or is there something about that on the Analog Four/Keys that is a known issue in that area?

well, scratch that :frowning:

By the time testing i had the second Oscillator turned off for a moment. So, with one Oscillator active it works fine, but the moment the second oscillator comes in i get Oscillator drift - no matter what :frowning:

Does anybody know why that happens?

Isn’t this just the natural instability of vco’s you’re hearing here? This makes two osc’s shimmer because of their slightly varying tuning, and hence varying detuning relative to one another.

if you activate osc sync on osc 2, there should be 0 drift.

Dunno about the CV with AK/A4 but my Karp Ody module tracks pitch perfectly over cv when I use it with my Arturia keystep. Make sure you are using TS minijack cables, TRS minijacks are asking for trouble when using CV IME.

thanks for your reply guys.

I’m using the CV Kit from Elektron. Pitch is no problem, that Drift is annoying though. I asked the question over at the Korg Forums too and they also said that this is a normal behavior. Yeah, OSC Sync solves it but i dont always want that Sync Sound :slight_smile:

When you play it via MIDI/USB you dont get those issues btw. Here the Oscillators stay stable although OSC Sync is not active. So maybe the Chip responsible for MIDI/USB in the Odyssey takes care about that already?

Its cool with the Duophonic Mode though. With the A4 i can make use of this in spite of CV/Gate. I simply send two CV Signals over one cable :slight_smile: Wasnt expecting that this would work, but thats definitely nice.

Anyway - seems like that drifting is normal with CV/Gate and if you dont want it you need to use MIDI :frowning: Or does have anybody a clue how to get rid of that in spite of CV/Gate?

Umonox, hello.

I was just having similar issues with the OSC drift to my Arp Odyssey and I found your similar question. I just bought Mother 32 and wanted to use both CV’s out from Analog Keys. What I have found is that the CV from A/B out tracks fine on both synths. The CV from C/D is the one I am having issues with regardless of which synth I connect C/D to. I switched the cables tried changing the tip vs ring for gate/pitch, etc. I also was running Arp and mother through the AK inputs to the FX track. I tried routing them into my mixer to see if that helped but it did not. It looks like the CV from C/D is the problem. So not just a problem with the Arp it seems.

I have been watching your youtube videos and have learned a lot from you. Thank you for the tutorials!