CV tuning

Hi again.
I know theres been a few threads on here about this but it just plain isnt going into my thick skull.
Ive hooked up my sub phatty into the gate and pitch inputs from the CVA/B output. All sweet. Now im going round in circles trying to tune the SP to the AK. I just plain dont understand volts per octave tbh. Im trying to tune C2 but im totally friggin lost and losing patience.
im just going round in circles - and then what voltage to tune C8 to!!! Ive read that roughly 0.97 - 1 volt per oct is an average setting but does that mean to set C2 to 1.094 / 2.000 volts ??
Forgive my obvious incompetance but im getting frustrated!!!
Wasnt this much hassle tuning my plank of ol’ guitar!!!
Thank for your patience.

hey there… confusing indeed! … i am still not fully getting my sh101 to be in tune… so here is what I found out:

first you got the connection right… also set the a4 to the according specs of the receiving unit… if ur SP has V /oct, select that on the a4… also make sure you know which red and which black cable which cv A or cvB is gonna end up.

then you need a tuner! … hit the yes button and adjust the voltage on the a4 until you find it is for example the(highest note you would like to play) high C5 (5 being the fith octave…) … ableton tuner will tell you if u r right…
next step, slect the lowest note make this a c2 (2 being the second octave on the keyboard) …
if this is too complex, stay with making a simple beat, and just have a 4 on the floor with c note… after you get comfortable there, try the tuning…
hope this helps a bit…
bonus question: ur SP likes which sort of cv? hz /oct, or V / s, or Ampere / gummi bears?

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But he still likes gummies. :wink:
Thanks for the reply ill do that when i get back to my little beasties :slight_smile:

Nope, in fairness im totally fucking lost with this now. Its putting me off of the whole thing. Midi sequencing. 2015. Surely…
Anyway. Ive got it hooked up right its the tuning thats doing my head in. Im setting note one on the AK as C2 and playing the C2 note on the AK till its tuned to C2 by tuner set up on the audio out of the SP.
then im setting note 2 on the AK to C5 and changing the octave switch on both ( so i can play the C5 ) and playing the C5 note and tuning it to the correct pitch according to the tuner.
However the pitch of every note is all over the place, and when i change the octave switch to a lower octave it goes up in pitch.
Im totally confused and losing patience to the point the AK nearly went for a little ‘stroll’ into the wall.
Any ideas or am i just being a total dumbass newbie and missing something simple???
Please help this is driving me crazy…

Forget this lark ill just get a sub 37 or a Pro 2 and sync it via midi and use the onboard sequencer for my needs. Ill keep the sub im sure itll come in handy for a bit of variation.
That puts the Octatrack out the window for a bit.
Though im sure it has its own idiosyncracies im still keen on aquiring one. And i know i can sequence the SP and my AK and AR with the octatrack and use it as a master ‘brain’ but id rather get at least a vague idea of the gear ive got. The Moogs are pretty straightforward to use i find.
All the gear and absolutely no frigging idea. I kinda feel guilty buying all this stuff when i havent a clue and just use it to put a smile on my face, when some amazingly talented people could use it to create amazing music.

check the read me pdf supplied with OS updates, might also be in latest user manual ?
it’s not tricky
keep it simple
start by working out what span your SP plays over
how many octaves ?
then correlate that range to the definition used by Elektron (may be different)
ie all C2s are not the same
if the SP plays 5,6 or more octaves then set the lowest voltage to be near the lower part of the playable range, then count the octaves and set a voltage by approximately that number x 1v higher (0.9ish in your case maybe)
if it’s linear it will work
it will be nominally near 1v per octave and it is just a matter of defining the start point and gradient of a line, you can define any two points on that line to define it, it does not need to be at either extreme, but may be more accurate if you define points which are 4 octaves apart
Don’t … try this [edit: my bad the way to do it is more fiddly, it involves setting the max level for value lin and then varying the setup of the voltage range - probably not the easiest of processes for those already struggling]
set the voltage out to be value lin

find the voltage that gives the pitch equivalent to C4

find the voltage that gives the pitch equivalent to C5

subtract latter from former, you know the approx Xv/oct now

and from c4 you now know a reference start point

define C3 as the value you got at C4 - X

define C6 as the value you got at C5 + X

it ought to be a gap of 3*X
it ought to be close
fine tune those values to get a better X and shift those numbers left to right by X to find the sweet spot of your instruments range
i.e. maybe set for C2>C5 or C4>C7 using the same voltages
see what covers the range best, it will likely be very linear except at extremes
now you know how it works and that it works you can draw it out and it may make more sense - stop hitting transpose buttons in the meantime

I and other users had major issues with tuning the SH101. I still havent got it solved, even send a sysex to HQ, but havent heard back … here is a vid …Sequencing an SH-101 from the Analog Four … this and…… instructions in video description…
for now, just do a 1 note rythm… i do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again everyone for your help. Ill try it when i get home.
Still gonna get a sub 37 and OT though heh heh.
Now, which to get first… :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
Could a gentle soul tell me his settings for controlling an original korg ms 20 with the cv. I can control the sequence but the pitch drifts too much whereas with a beatstep pro I’ve got no problem.
Help please ; )

I Use a ms-20 mini, but there shouldn’t be a lot of difference in settings.


C2 0,500 V
C5 4,000 V

CVB Gate
0-5 V

Perhaps stating the obvious below:

As the analog four can output hz/v do not use the pitch-cv in the upper left hand corner of the patch-panel, but the one saying “osc 1+2 pitch cv in”, on the right hand side, next to the keyboard cv out.

I’d say it makes more sense (although that’s perfectly fine) to program the range that best replicates how the MS20 is calibrated - via its own keyboard - whilst it’s theoretically the same, the drift either side of the nominal range would make it tricky to set up based on those values if it needed a tweak
The MS keyboard outputs Midi 48 > 84 which is equivalent to C4 > C7
C4 is 1V
C5 therefore 2V, C6 therefore 4V
C7 is 8V
sure the ratio is theoretically the same (except there’s an octave shift)
If those settings needed a little tweak from nominal, i’d say it makes more sense to tweak 1V and 8V because the oscillator calibration is better within that specific range
If your MS is set up nicely then it won’t matter at all, mine wasn’t so i calibrated it (Nominal footage range is 8’) - it’s nice and easy to dial in these

C4 = 1V and C7 = 8V Hz/V pitch & S-Trig gate

  • this also means the A4 keyboard defaults to the middle of the MS key range - that may well be the reason to offset the octave of the settings for the Analog Keys, but i’d have assumed it would offer the A4 default +/- one octave without using the octave up/down

Thank you both for your fast answer, I’m going to try the settings you mention asap. Cheers